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Industrial Property Course - Patents

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Industrial Property Course - Patents 2019 edition

Course description

The 2019 edition of the Industrial Property Course - Patents (Corso di Proprietà Industriale - Brevetti) organized by the University Politecnico di Milano is aimed at providing a professional training in the IP field, with a specific focus on the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court.

The course also comprises three days of practical exercises concentrated at the end (green modules in the program), with case studies, a mock negotiation and a mock litigation.

Except for the practical exercises, the course may also be attended remotely by downloading the audio lectures, the video-presentations and related material.

Venue and organization

Classes will be held at the headquarters of the Department of Energy of the University Politecnico di Milano in via Lambruschini 4 (Bovisa), which can be easily reached by the underground railway (stops Bovisa or Villapizzone).
The attendees will be given the credential to have access to the POLIMI Wi-Fi.

Qualification certificate

The course has been inserted in the list of R. 12 of the Draft rules on the European patent litigation certificate and other appropriate qualifications pursuant to article 48(2) of the agreement on a Unified Patent Court.
After passing the final exam, the participants will get a certificate, which will be an appropriate qualification for a European Patent Attorney pursuant to Article 48(2) of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court.

Teaching methods and course duration

Lectures will be in English.
The course comprises 120 hours, with classes once a week in the morning and in the afternoon divided into two parts with a 20-minute break in between and a one-hour break for lunch. The presence in person is encouraged, but it is mandatory only for the three days of exercises at the end of the course.

The last three days of the course, dedicated to practical exercises, are susceptible of being replicated, in order to allow the real involvement of the attendees, if their number will require it.

Distance learning

All the participants will have access to the audio-recordings of the lectures, the presentations and the material of the course, which will be downloadable from the website with a personal password. The presence in class will be compulsory only for the practical exercises (green sections of the program). This will allow everyone to organize at best her/his time and decide to attend in class only some lectures, while attending remotely others.


The course is accredited to the Ordine dei Consulenti in Proprietà Industriale for 20 credits on the subject of Patents.
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The lecturers have been selected for the competence in the topics of the course among the most reputed European experts.