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Welcome to Energy Department!

The rational use of energy is a subject that has been receiving more and more attention in the years from scientific and academic sectors, industry and public opinion. Different reasons explain this growing interest: the difficulties in supplying low cost fossil fuels, the debate about the way to comply with the increasing energy demand, the reduction of the environmental impact of the energy conversion processes, that play a key role in greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions.
The Energy Department has joined together different skills existing at Politecnico di Milano in var-ious fields of engineering to provide, through a interdisciplinary approach, convenient solutions to the complex problems that currently affect the energy sector.

Our goal is to provide constant initiative in the development of R&D projects, supporting the ad-vanced activities of the main industries and promoting collaboration with other partners operating in the energy field.
Professors and research fellows of the Energy Department have primary teaching responsibilities and perform activities in all the faculties of Politecnico di Milano. They have the lead in organiza-tion and coordination of the course in Energy Engineering.