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Nuclear Engineering Division-CeSNEF

This division is characterized by a typical multidisciplinary nature of the researches in the nuclear technology field and ionizing radiation applications. The division was founded about in 1957 with the first Italian nuclear reactor, then shutdown in 1979, it was dedicated to the research and university education. Presently pursued themes include the fields of energy, nuclear plants and safety, nuclear fuel cycle, radiation protection, use and surveillance of radiation in technological, industrial and medical activities and design of electronic equipment for nuclear applications.
Research topics current focused by the division are listed in the following:

  • new generation nuclear power plant studies and design
  • the development of computational methods for diagnosis, reliability, safety and risk analysis
  • the research for separation and confinement of long lived nuclides from nuclear waste
  • the study of contaminant migrations in porous media
  • the development and characterization of innovative radiation dosimeters and detectors together with nuclear instrumentations
  • the X and gamma rays use in the fields of industry, medicine, radiobiology and environment monitoring; the radiation protection
  • the nuclear security
  • the ionizing radiation metrology
  • the radiation chemistry and radiochemistry for a wide range of industrial and biomedical applications
  • the nuclear facilities decommissioning