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Electrical Division

The division know-how mainly regards the electrical power systems oriented to the production, transmission, distribution and final use of the electric energy. The research activities currently operating in the division can be summarized according to the following points:

  • Planning and management of the electrical energy systems
  • Optimization and security of the electrical networks
  • Electrical energy market and regulatory aspects
  • Implication of environmental global policies on the electric systems
  • Electrical energy distribution systems and utilization
  • Modelling of the electrical power lines and complex electric systems
  • Modelling of the electrical machines and electric loads
  • Impact of ICT and soft computing techniques in the electric systems
  • Coordinated employment of components for electric energy production, management and utilization
  • Distributed generation, renewable sources and their eclectic interface; modelling and analysis of the distribute energy resources and related power quality and EMC aspects
  • Configuration and control strategy of electric power converter
  • Electric energy storage systems
  • Electric energy quality (conducted and radiated phenomena)
  • Low frequency electromagnetic field effects
  • Electric energy for final utilization (energy saving, lighting, heating…)
  • Smart grid (AC and DC)
  • Monitoring of energy distribution networks and environmental parameters
  • Electric traction systems: drives and on board electric devices
  • Design of electric supply for transportation systems: railway, subway, tramway both traditional and driverless
  • Power plant and distribution systems for naval and aerospace applications
  • Hybrid propulsion systems
  • Interaction between electric systems for transportation and other technological systems nearby located
  • Estimation methods for quantities in energy systems
  • Diagnostic techniques for experimental nuclear energy