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Fluid Dynamic Machines, Propulsion and Energy Systems Division

Research carried out in this division concerns a large range of thermo-fluid-dynamic processes occurring in components and systems for energy conversion. Specific activity lines can be summarized with reference to the four main working groups operating in this division:

  • research on internal combustion engines, placing emphasis on the development and application of advanced 1D-multiD fluid dynamic codes to predict and optimize performances and emissions of modern engines.
  • analysis, measurement and modeling of complex 3D flows in turbomachines cascades, stages and components including blade cooling and unsteady phenomena. The research activity is supported by experimental measurements carried out in an advanced laboratory.
  • activity in the field of combustion and aerospace propulsion, with experimental, theoretical and numerical activities. The main investigation field addresses the study of the thermo-fluid dynamic phenomena relevant to the combustion process and the application of the latest diagnostic techniques, with the objective of providing reliable and detailed experimental data necessary for the validation of advanced CFD models.
  • research regarding advanced technologies to generate electrical/mechanical energy from fossil fuels and renewable sources, ranging from small scale applications to large power stations. Studies are devoted to support the power industry with reference to both commercially available advanced technologies, and innovative solutions at early development stage.