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» Termofluidodinamica monofase e multifase

Monophase Thermo-Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Referent: Muzzio Adriano

The experimental activities deal with development and application of optical techniques in heat transfer measurements. The available methods provide a non-intrusive surveying of thermal fields. In particular, holographic interferometry and digital speckle photography are used to determine respectively temperature and temperature gradient distribution within transparent media, whereas thermography is applied to surface temperature measurements in both free and forced convection. The joint analysis of flow fields carried out by LDV allows a complete description of convective heat transfer mechanisms. Support activity is represented by numerical simulation performed with commercial codes.
The main application of the mentioned techniques relates with the analysis of the heat transfer enhancement provided by the use of specially conformed surfaces, for instance equipped with offset-strip, louvered, perforated, wavy-fins or ribs of different geometry. Such an investigation is the basis of the rational design of compact heat exchangers, affecting dimensions and production costs as well as energy saving.

Dipartimento di Energia
Politecnico di Milano
Campus Bovisa
Via Lambruschini, 4
20156 Milano - ITALIA