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» Catalisi e Processi Catalitici

Laboratory of Catalysis and Catalytic Processes

Referent: Forzatti Pio

The activity of the Laboratory of Catalysis and Catalytic Processes (LCCP) has pioneered multidisciplinary research in the science and engineering of catalysis.
The mission of the LCCP is the education of students via relevant research in the multidisciplinary field of catalysis science, spanning from fundamental research to industrial applications, with a strong connection with the industrial world and world-leading universities and research centers.
The infrastructures and the experimental facilities of the LCCP are distributed in four laboratories
for an overall size of more than 350 m2
One laboratory is devoted to catalyst preparation and contains the following equipments:
Preparation of catalysts in the powder form: Filtering Equipments, pH-meters, Mixers;
Washcoating deposition: Ball-milling, Coating Deposition Equipment via dipping, blowing and
spraying, Ultracentrifugation Unit, Ultrasound Bath;
Preparation of honeycombs: Mixer, Kneader, Screw-Extruder, Climatic Chamber
Catalyst activation: drying and calcination ovens, microwave oven; reactors with controlled
The LCCP has also several apparatuses for the physico-chemical characterization of preparation
precursor and final catalytic materials. A rotational rehometer and a Laser Granulometer are
available for the preparation of structured catalysts by washcoating deposition and by extrusion.
Equipment for morphological analysis (BET, Hg porosimeter), spectroscopic techniques (FTIR, UVVis),
and for analysis of surface reactivity and redox properties (TPD/R/O, chemisorption) are
available for the characterization of powder catalyst. For routine characterization of catalytic
materials the LCCP also frequently uses instruments available in the department including
chemical analysis, XRD, DTA-TG, SEM, Laser Raman. Advanced techniques such as HR-TEM,
XRD with synchrotron radiation, EXAFS, XPS, EPR have been used through cooperation with
groups with specific expertise.
In the LCCP more than 10 lab-scale and micro-pilot scale rigs are available for activity and kinetic
testing (transient and steady state) of:
a) catalysts in the powder form
b) catalysts in structured form: honeycomb monoliths, foams,…
c) catalysts in the annular reactor configuration
d) catalysts operated under pressure (1-100 bar)
All the rigs are equipped for the analysis of reactants and products by GC methods. Many rigs are
also equipped with such as MS or analysers of specific gases (NOx, HC, CH4, O2, CO2, CO) for
continuous monitoring of the effluent composition during transient experiments.
Computational facilities are also available in the group with several connected PCs (LAN), software
for regression, numerical methods, mathematical modelling and simulation

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Politecnico di Milano
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20133 Milano, Italy

Marina Carbonchi Segreteria LCCP Dipartimento di Energia Politecnico di Milano Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32 20133 Milano, Italia Tel./Fax + 39 02 2399 3318 e-mail

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