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» Sistemi energetici e ambientali negli edifici (BEES)

Acoustics Lab

Referent: Mazzarella Livio

Anechoic and semi-anechoic room for power sound measurement, noise mappings and psychoacoustic test, equipped with microphones, sound intensity probes, multi-channels sound meter analyzers, and binaural mannequin (Head and Torso simulator). To support the on field research activities (environmental and room acoustics) the lab is also equipped with RASTI index method evaluation system, sound meters, sound intensity probes, simulation software for free field and/or confined field acoustic propagation.
A CIT recognised certification lab for Sound level meters calibration service, according to CEI 29-30 / 1997-09 standard, is also part of the acoustics lab.

    Politecnico di Milano
    Dipartimento di Energia
    Via Lambruschini, 4
    20156 Milan – Italy