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Referent: Chiesa Paolo

At LEAP laboratory in Piacenza GECOS group is developing an experimental activity regarding two-phase equilibria of CO2 rich mixtures, the knowledge of which is fundamental for accurately assessing the performance of low CO2 emissions power plants where impure CO2 streams are produced (i.e. oxyfuel combustion, membrane H2 separation).
The objective is to acquire the sets of experimental data necessary to calibrate the mathematical models used to predict the behavior of CO2 rich mixtures. In particular:
- acquisition of pressure, density and temperature for mixtures of known composition;
- definition of mixing coefficients for binary mixtures;
- definition mutual interaction coefficients for multi-component mixtures.

At present the facility allows to test mixtures of CO2 and some incondensable gases (N2, O2, H2 or CH4). The experimental rig based on a vibrating tube densimeter has been constructed (partly by the French ARMINES - Laboratoire de Thermodynamique et des Equilibres entre Phases) to investigate conditions where CO2 shows strong real gas effects:
- pressure range up to 200 bar
- temperature range from -30 to 150░C.

Interest for these data is not restricted to power generation. Other phases of the CO2 capture and storage process or gas purification rely on the knowledge of behavior of CO2 mixtures:
- compression (design and operation of compressors);
- transportation (design and operation of long transport pipes);
- CO2 injection;
- CO2 migration in the geological formations of the storage fields.

Laboratorio LEAP, via Nino Bixio 27, 29100 Piacenza

Daniele Di Bona

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