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Laboratory of infrared thermography

Referent: Salerno Antonio

Infrared thermography allows to see the thermal radiation emitted by a body as a consequence of its temperature.

The fields of applications are very different, like for instance:
  • Visualization of heat dispersion in buildings, aiming at an energy efficiency recovery;

  • Inspection of electrical wiring and circuits for maintenance purposes;

  • Thermal nondestructive testing for the visualization of internal defects;

  • Thermoelastic stress analysis for the measure of the stress in components under load and the localization of the highest stress concentration;
    (visible in the figure is the thermoelastic analysis of a helicopter component subjected to a stress Multi-axis)

  • Efficiency analysis of industrial processes as for instance the production of glass, paper and concrete;

  • Study of the efficiency of thermal phenomena associated with motion: efficiency of braking systems, rolling efficiency of tyres.

The Infrared Thermography Lab of the Department of Energy is endowed with a IR camera FLIR Titanium with a InSb FPA sensor 320x256 with high acquisition speed and high thermal resolution. The thermographic system is able to perform lock-in, random and dissipation analysis, useful for the study of components under mechanical load and for performing thermal nondestructive testing.

The Infrared Thermography Lab cooperates with several industrial partners like:
  • Agustawestland

  • Miniliner

  • Glassfaser

  • ANAS

Dipartimento di Energia
Politecnico di Milano
Campus Bovisa
Via Lambruschini, 4
20156 Milano - ITALIA