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» Sistemi di conversione dell'energia (GECOS)


Referent: Macchi Ennio

The lab will be located, starting end 2008, in the new building of the Department in the Bovisa campus. It will be devoted to small-scale power generation, to test the performance and the operations of microturbines, reciprocating engines or fuel cells with a maximum thermal power input of 300 kW. The electrical power output of the engines will be optionally regulated by dedicated electronic loads, or will be by consumed the electric grid of the campus. The power engine will be mainly fueled by natural gas, but the lab will share with adjacent Combustion Lab the supply of hydrogen from an electrolysis system and of other gaseous fuels (CO or others) from bottles, thus being able to carry out experiments with simulated syngas fuels. One interesting feature of the lab is ability to test not the engine alone, but a full tri-generation system, including heat recovery devices, absoption chillers, heat pumps, testing the system with variable electrical, thermal and cooling loads. For this purpose, the lab relies on the connection, through appropriate heat exchangers and storage units, with a general hot water and cold water distribution network (serving all the Department labs), as well as to a centralized cooling circuit.

The lab will be equipped with state-of-the-art measurement systems for the continuous recording of fluid (gases and liquids) mass flow rates, temperatures and pressures at the system flanges and relevant measurement points, aiming to monitor and reconstruct the system energy balances.

The lab will be also equipped with multi-point chemical analyzers, using micro-gaschromatograph as well as infrared and chemiluminescence instrumentations

Dipartimento di Energia
Campus Bovisa

Stefano Campanari

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