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» Termofluidodinamica monofase e multifase

Multiphase Thermo-Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Referent: Arosio Sergio

The research activities carried out at the Thermo - Fluid Dynamics Laboratory of the Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Milano mainly deal with fluid dynamics and heat transfer in single- and multiphase flows. The aim is to supply both basic understanding and technological know-how about all those systems where such themes are involved.
In industrial systems, in the energy conversion field, in the electronic, biomedical, aerospace, thermotechnical areas, those subjects are of major interest.
The experimental set-ups which are available within the laboratory include:
  • experimental set-up for the fluid dynamic characterization of gas-liquid (air-water) flows;
  • experimental set-up for the fluid dynamic characterization of liquid-liquid (oil-water), gas-liquid (air-oil) and liquid-liquid-gas (oil-water-air) flows;
  • experimental set-up for the analysis of heat trasfer and pressure drop of refrigerating fluids during phase transitions within microfin tubes;
  • experimental set-up for the analysis of drop-wall interaction both from the isothermal (shape, contact angle, contact area) and thermal (evaporative dropwise cooling) points of view;
At present, experimental activities are in progress concerning:
  • the measurement of pressure drop and the determination of the local or section averaged characteristics of two-phase gas-liquid flows in horizontal pipes both with uniform diameter and in presence of geometrical singularities such as expansion/contraction area, valves, orifices;
  • the measurement of pressure drop, the identification of the flow patterns with minimal drag and the determination of flow regime maps for gas-liquid and liquid-liquid two-phase mixtures having high viscosity ratio, with or without a third gaseous phase flowing in horizontal ducts with and without geometrical singularities;
  • the study of heat transfer performances for refrigerating fluids during phase transitions within microfin tubes;
  • the study of wettability (shape, contact angles and areas) and of evaporation time and heat transfer rates for sessile and impinging drops on conventional and innovative, flatand curved surfaces.

Together with controland regulation devices, the instrumentation include pressure transducers, thermocouples, flow meters, volumetric impedence sensors, optical and impedance probes, high-speed video cameras and a very accurate surface analyzer, data acquirement/processing systems.
The research activity also includes the development of innovative measurement instruments.

Dipartimento di Energia
Politecnico di Milano
Campus Bovisa
Via Lambruschini, 4
20156 Milano - ITALIA

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