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Fluid dynamics Measures and Calibration laboratory (M.T.F.)

Referent: Bassan Roberto

The M.T.F. Laboratory (Fluid dynamics Measurements and Calibrations), is the Thermo-fluid dynamics Laboratory of the Energy Department of Milan Polytechnic University and was established to quantify and to minimize the problem of air pollution caused by gas discharge, derived by a combustion process in electrothermal and industrial plants, in order to successfully provide an appropriate technical scientific interpretation.
Tests are performed on scale models of electrostatic precipitators (e.p.), catalytic denitrificators (S.C.R.) and desulfurators.
The Laboratory is constituted by:
  • two test facilities

  • a system for the calibration of anemometric probes hot-wire and microfan anemometers

  • traverse equipment (swing) of the probes

  • wind tunnel apt to suppling the necessary air flow rate through scale model

  • arranges the reading, acquisition and processing of the data found from anemometric probes

  • arranges feeding the tracing gas (CO2) which simulates the reagent, and is provided with instruments of measure of its concentration (in the case of tests on S.C.R.).

The Laboratory is specialized on the Computational Flowdynamics (CFD) sector within the Energy Department of the Polytechnic University of Milan.
The experimental activity is sustained by thermo-fluid dynamics phenomenons patterned in numerical codes (FLUENT, FIDAP) to be found in the studied scale models.
This allows both an examination, and possible improvement, of the experimental tests as well as a more detailed field of vision of the fluid dynamics specimens.
A well consolidated ten-year experience in this field has enabled us to deal with all the thematics inherent to the production of energy and the consequent environmental impact, directly from our Laboratory.
Companies who are leaders in this field consider our work done with a methodology, a systematic manner and a guarantee that are the most appropriate to the industrial and environmental requirements, and are aware of our careful respect of the enforced norms.
Furthermore, very important are the results achieved on the scale models, which have given positive outcome in the real plant.
Companies with which Laboratory M.T.F. has co-operated are:
ENEL, Cifa Progetti, Termokimik Corporation, EMIT, Hamon Cifa Progetti, Hamon Research Cottrell Italia.

Dipartimento di Energia
Politecnico di Milano
Campus Bovisa
Via Lambruschini, 4
20156 Milano - ITALIA

Tel. : +39 02 2399 3875

More info:
MTF website