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Master Thesis

Numerical analysis of temperature dependent forced convection heat transfer in a heated tube

Marocco Luca
Luigi Colombo, Manfredo Guilizzoni
Group: Mono and Multiphase thermofluid dynamics

Several correlations exist in literature for the turbulent forced convective heat transfer to/from fluids flowing inside a heated pipe. When the properties of the medium are affected by temperature, the direction of the heat flux, i.e. heating or cooling, influences the heat transfer. This effect is taken into account by applying a correction factor to the correlations equal to the n-th power of the ratio between the Prandtl number and its value at the wall for liquids and the corresponding ratio between the temperatures for gases. These factors have been determined mainly from the few available experimental data and only exist for a very limited number of substances. Aim of the present thesis is to perform numerical simulations of temperature dependent heat transfer for several substances flowing turbulently inside a heated duct in order to obtain a database that can be used to extend the validity range of the correction factors.